Publications & Reports

For 50+ years The Property Owners Association has been helping landlords find the right forms and publications, reach compliance, and gain the knowledge necessary to be more successful. Below you will find a list of the publications, forms and flyers available to be ordered from the POA. We are always looking for ways to save you time and the hassle of contacting the state.

Please select the titles you want and contact the POA at:

Property Owners Association
1072 Madison Avenue Lakewood NJ 08701
Phone: (732) 780-1966

Title Description Price
Blank DCA Registration forms
Every multi-family property (three families and up) must complete this form!
Standard $1.00
Blank DCA Registration forms
Required for certain multi-family complexes, with multiple buildings.
Supplemental $1.00
Truth in Renting
You as a landlord are required to distribute these to your tenants. No longer do you have to write to Trenton or the federal government and wait weeks for response.
Lead Pamphlets $.49
NJ Regulations for the Maintenance of Hotels & Multiple Dwellings $10.00