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Property Owners Association of New Jersey, Inc. exists to bring together owners and operators of residential real estate, interested persons, and related industry personnel for educational and information sharing purposes. Since its inception in 1949, POA has dedicated itself to the education of its members and to bring to their attention the most relevant and informative materials available.

Property Owners Association publishes its newsletter, NEWS & VIEWS, ten times per year. It contains timely and pertinent information on a variety of issues facing the industry today. Its contents include legal, accounting, banking, insurance and equipment subjects. NEWS & VIEWS has a circulation of over 500 per issue. It is distributed to the POA members and other interested parties in the shelter industry.

Call the POA office for a complimentary copy of NEWS & VIEWS today to see for yourself!

If you would like your ad to be placed before these influential consumers, please contact the POA office at 1072 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701 or call at 732-780-1966.

Information about: News & Views rates, rates, guidelines, and order forms.

Special Offer

The Property Owners Association is offering its advertisers and associate members opportunities to feature their products and services to the POA members and potential members.

  1. NEWS & VIEWS, has been reformatted and restyled to include COLOR advertising.
  2. All meetings are open for meeting sponsorships – you can address the audience for 5-10 minutes to highlight your company. Broadcast your expertise to a captive audience!! POA is also accepting refreshment sponsorships.
  3. POA will also include your company’s brochures and flyers in new member packages at no charge! Your products can be showcased to new members at no expense to you. Send a supply of your leaflets (one sheet only, please) and they will be included in welcome letters to new POA members.

The Association is making changes that will enhance its stature and credibility in the industry. Get in on the ground floor of these innovative and exhilarating programs. Call the POA office for prices and further information.

Advertise & Link on

Property Owners Association is offering its advertisers, associate members, and other individuals who work in fields related to the housing industry a special opportunity to link your website to the POA’s. Also available is having your ad posted on the POA website. Imagine the exposure you’ll gain when hundreds of landlords click onto the POA website, full of industry information. Your company’s name will be prominently displayed and the landlords will be able to access your website through the POA’s.

For a nominal fee, your products and services will be before thousands of property owners, landlords, managers and supers for an entire year. Think of the business you can generate as a result!

Rate structure for advertising is as follows:

Full Page Color Ad & Link (limited availability-please call)

Ad images must be provided in JPG or GIF format. The image cannot exceed 640 Pixels in width. If this is not available, POA can prepare your ad at a nominal charge, depending on the size and the design.

NOTE: All Advertisement copy and imagery is subject to review and approval of the POA Publications Committee.

One payment in advance is required to cover one year of publication to Ad can be updated with the submission of a new image.

Advertising Rates for News & Views

Advertising Rate Card
Effective January 1, 2019

The following rates are for one advertisement to appear in ten (10) issues of Property Owners Association’s NEWS & VIEWS.

Ad Size (Inches) Black & White Price Two Color Full Color
2.5″ x 1.5″ $425 $475  $575
2.5″ x 3″ $775 $825  $925
4.75″ x 1.5″ $1,100 $1,200  $1,400
4.75″ x 3″ $1,500 $1,600  $1,800
Half Page $2,200 $2,350 $2,500
Full Page $3,750 $4,000 $5,000
Outside Back Cover $5,000 $5,500 $6,000

All copy must be camera ready. If this is not available, POA can prepare your ad at a nominal charge, depending on the size and the design.

NOTE: All Advertisement copy is subject to review and approval of the POA Publications Committee.

One payment in advance is required to cover ten (10) issues. Ad copy may be changed at any time with submission of new camera ready art.

Advertising Guidelines

At a recent Board of Directors meeting, guidelines were established regarding benefits of advertising in POA’s NEWS & VIEWS. Your cooperation in following these parameters would be greatly appreciated by the members and your fellow advertisers.

  • Literature at membership meetings is limited to single sheet flyers and business cards. Space available on the table outside the meeting room should not exceed 15×18 inches.
  • If you wish to display literature inside the meeting room, a fee of $250 will be assessed. Acknowledgement will be posted by the refreshment station. Please contact the POA office a week before so appropriate signs can be prepared.
  • Commentary from the audience is discouraged. However, sponsorship of the meeting for $500 will include 5-10 minutes at the podium to discuss your products and/or company services.
  • Direct mail campaigns can be performed by the POA staff for a fee of $300 plus postage. Please supply the staff with sufficient copies and envelopes.
  • One-sheet promotional flyers can be inserted in POA’s NEWS & VIEWS for a fee of $750. Please supply the staff with sufficient copies.
  • POA encourages advertisers to write technical articles for NEWS & VIEWS. Share your knowledge of your specific products and services, but please refrain from self-serving editorial.

Thank you for your consideration in observing these guidelines.

Advertisement Insertion Forms

What to advertise in the News and Views or on Please print the Advertisement Insertion Order Form, fill it out and return it to POA with your payment. Or contact the POA office at 1072 Madison Ave. Lakewood NJ 08701 or call at 732-780-1966.

Advertisement Insertion Order Form for News & Views (PDF)

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat® .