It is our honor to put forth the 2024 Board of Directors.  These members of the POA have shown commitment to the association and our mission. Please join us in welcoming them to the Board. 

Executive Board

President Kevin Taub, Marcus & Millichap

Vice President Malik Akbar, Sheffield Electric

Secretary Gregg Rood, AGIS Trading

Treasurer Karen Seidmon, Cambridge Property Group

Seargeant at Arms, Cindy Raskind, Danor Realty

 Three Year Term Directors

Marc Tunis

Brandon Leibeskind

Ceyan Birney, Stone Mountain Properties

Richard Boyd, Smolin, Lupin Co.

Andy Talkow, Manhattan Welding 

Two Year Term Directors

Jed Sampson, Computex Information Services

Ted Ioannou, Lefgram Corporation

Barry Javick

Jed Sampson 

One Year Term Directors

Sung Yoon, Esq. Ehrlich Petriello Gudin Plaza & Reed

Ray Venturino, City Fire

Kevin Shalit

Michael Ginsberg

Marc Masciulli Jr