Renters May Now Use Security Deposit For Rent Payments

On Friday, April 24th Governor Murphy signed Executive Order -128 allowing renters to utilize their security deposits for rental payments. For a copy of this order click here. This order went into effect immediately and will last for 60 days after the Public Health Emergency ends.

Residential tenants must make a written request to apply their security deposit to the rent. Replenishment of the deposit would take place 6 months after the end of the Public Health Emergency or upon lease renewal or extension. For month to month residential tenants, the interpretation is they must replenish their security in month 6 after the end of the emergency.

Violations of this order can be imposed under N.J.S.A. App. A:9-49 and -50.

This information  is not to be construed as legal advice. You should consult with qualified counsel for further guidance. 

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