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NJ Clean Energy Incentives Program

NJ Clean Energy Incentives Program On October 22nd the outreach team for the NJ Clean Energy Program delivered an extremely informative webinar on their available programs. For those who may have missed the program or would like additional information, please find the presentation here.  Read More...

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Let’s Get Real -When Dealing With Leases

Let's Get Real-When Dealing With LeasesBy Mahlon L. Fast, J.S.C., Ret After 60 years in the profession, and striving towards my “semi-retirement,” I’m going to “let it all out.” And, after 60 years, you might well think that I’ve become “hardened” in my ways. In a sense, that’s true - my ways have...

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Is It Wear & Tear Or Damage

Is It Wear & Tear Or Property Damage? Let’s be honest, in a perfect world we would love to have a tenant vacate your property and leave it showroom ready but that is not the normal scenario.  People are living in your investments.   They are using the sink, walking on the carpets, hanging...

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