By Todd Smith


 “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” Wade Boggs, Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Why another article on attitude? For the same reason, a person takes their car to the shop for a tune-up or, oil change. As simple and routine as both the tune-up and oil change are the car runs smoother afterwards and you will too.

Attitude is the one ingredient or personality trait one must bring to the game that is a prerequisite for all of success. Whether that “game” is life, business or anything else in between. Not just any attitude, an attitude of forward-thinking, positive in nature and with an unyielding desire to succeed. Attitude provides that intangible edge that is the difference between success and lack-there-of and is not blind to the effort necessary to succeed or the challenges and obstacles one will face. It is the demeanor one will use to recognize those obstacles and challenges and learn how to avoid them and to work around them when the suddenly appear to minimize their effect on your business and your life.

For some the correct mindset for success may come naturally; for others, it may be a slow climb. It doesn’t matter how one gets there as long as one arrives. It is the foundation of all success, whether the success is personal in nature, without any public fanfare or, visible for all to see. Both will require the correct attitude.

The correct attitude allows a person to spread his or her wings and go beyond what he or she believes they could accomplish or, what may be expected of them. They are the free thinkers of the world. They are the ones who have lifted themselves out of the status quo and achieved things maybe they never thought possible. Everything we consider the norm of life, the status quo, was once unique and a simple thought that was outside of the box of tradition, brought forth by those with a vision of defying the odds. Whether it is the automobile, the computer, the telephone and even the wheel– were at one point concepts far removed from the standard.  Today they are all part of our daily life.

A forward-thinking solution-oriented attitude is the demeanor that will keep you on a sustainable track in life and in business, having one intuitively seeking out answers when others would throw their hands up in frustration. The character traits that will not only have one making lemonade from lemons but making the best lemonade one has ever had.  At some point one will not even have to think about whether or not one has a forward-thinking demeanor; it will have become part of one’s DNA and lifestyle. The attitude will become a means by which you live your life. It will show through in how you treat your children, your spouse, your significant other and the other people you come into contact with in all aspects of your life.

Persons with a positive attitude are those who talk to themselves in the mirror. Yes, talk to themselves in the mirror when those that surround them, their supposed   “inner-circle” do not understand or comprehend their drive. Persons with this type of attitude have overcome adversity and have refused to be stalled in life by past events or, situations beyond their control. Situations that may have attempted to thwart their progress or their dreams and visions.

A positive attitude will be one’s greatest asset when your plan hits a roadblock or runs into an unforeseen obstacle. The attitude you bring to the game will be the character trait that will allow you to turn a problem or an obstacle into an unforeseen challenge and above all an opportunity.

Persons with a positive attitude are never blind to effort or are they afraid of it. They recognize it, embrace it and respect it. They also understand the frustration and how to address it when it does appear. Frustration is nothing more than an unanticipated obstacle appearing at a very inopportune time or, an anticipated goal being missed. Yes, this does happen.

Both are solved by being solution orientated which is a critical skill set to have in creating and sustaining a positive attitude. This is accomplished by asking yourself better questions. Questions that will have you searching for a solution to any challenge you may encounter.  The answers will surprise you.

Those who have a great attitude uplift others. Many times just by a smile, a hello, or a handshake and have the unique ability to be able to provide the appropriate comments when someone needs them.

If having a positive forward thinking attitude is a challenge for you then begin to have one today:

First by asking yourself questions that lead you down the path to achieve your goal and/or search out a solution to overcome any frustration of obstacle you may be facing.

The second task is to make someone smile.

Having a positive forward thinking attitude will have a tremendous effect on your business and it will become contagious.

Enjoy your Day!


Todd Smith is a seasoned business owner having owned several businesses during his career. In addition to his current profession of real estate finance and commercial real estate sale, he has founded Team Phoenix LLC, a consulting and training company. The company’s platform is based upon on topics from his most recent book First and Ten on the Twenty…is it Football, Business or Life?” The articles in this series are also based upon his book. or, 201-650-3820.